Although being eco-friendly in the jewellery industry can be difficult, more and more brands are taking big steps towards responsible jewellery production.

Here are some key points to look out for:

Materials Used 

Firstly, look at the traceability of the materials used. This is one of the biggest issues in the jewellery industry, but certifications of origin can help to provide proof. 

Then, look at the processes around the attainment of those materials, such as mining.

Mined Materials 

Most raw materials used to produce jewellery are mined, and mining resources from the earth can destroy landscapes and create huge amounts of toxic waste.  Whilst this practice could never be considered entirely eco-friendly, there are gentler methods that can make mining more environmentally responsible. 

These include small-scale operations, reforesting, using less chemicals, and respecting the plant life around the area. Look out for assurance labels like Fairmined and Fairtrade.

Alternative Materials 

Alternative raw materials to those that are mined include lab-grown diamonds and coloured gemstones, and none-traditional materials such as wood and textiles, as well as recycled materials. 

Recycled Materials

By incorporating recycled materials into their supply chains, jewellery makers produce far less greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of extracting the planet’s resources. 

Waste Material

Regardless of the materials used, another key environmental consideration is how waste material was dealt with during the process of manufacturing.

Other Considerations:

  • Renewable Energy 
    Does a company use renewable energy, and do they use energy efficiently?
  • Chemical Use
    Does a company use alternative chemicals such as pickle? 
  • Packaging 
    Look out for recycled and/or recyclable product packaging. 

Consumer Responsibility 

Finally and crucially, as a consumer you can help by choosing jewellery with longevity in mind. Look out for pieces that you will wear over and over again. 

 Check out our selection of responsibly made jewellery - each piece comes with a list of the environmentally friendly practices used in production.

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