100% Cotton Face Wipes – Botanicals

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The eco-friendly, reusable and washable cleansing pads are ideal for removing makeup with your favourite cleanser or for applying toner. They are also an easy swap if you’re trying to become more environmentally conscious because they can used over and over again.
They remove makeup with ease, are very durable (survive washing and tumble drying) but also gentle on your skin.
If you are debating getting these just go for it! It’s great for the environment, for your face, and for your pocket!
They’re also super easy to care for. Simply pop them into the bag provided, wash them in your normal laundry load and leave to dry naturally or on a low tumble dryer setting.
Once you feel like your pads have seen better days, simply cut them up and add them to your compost bin – beats filling landfills with cotton pads!!!
You will receive 10x Square Face Wipes, 5x with the gorgeous Botanicals Print and 5x Cotton, both with soft terry towelling on the opposite side to the cotton, each 3inchs x 3inchs
Made from 100% Cotton including the Cotton Bag which comes with a recycled t-shirt yarn chord