Dream Catcher Hand Sanitiser Bottle - Eco Friendly

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Our “Dream Catcher” refillable bottle, is one of our four signature doodle patterns, giving you a modern day eco friendly alternative to the widely used single use plastic bottles. Made with recyclable aluminium, natural bamboo and PET this bottle helps take one more step into a greener future.

Designed for easy everyday use, the 50ml bottle is perfect to fit in your bag or pocket. Simply refill from the comfort of your home with your chosen 250ml hand sanitiser pouch. The bottle has a small cap over the atomiser sprayer to avoid any unwanted accidents. 

Please note ~ Hand sanitiser is sold separately.


 ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS USED - Aluminium and bamboo used in place of plastic

 LONG LASTING - Refillable


 THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING All of our packaging is eco-friendly