Eco friendly Handmade Gift Starter Box

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This eco-friendly gift box is a great gift for friends and family or is a brilliant way to try out some zero-waste swaps on a budget! Everything is lovingly handmade by me and packaged by me! 

All these items are available on my shop page but buying them like this will save you a lot of money! 

The contents of the box: 

• A soap pouch - perfect if you are swapping to zero-waste soap bars 

• A beeswax wrap - alternative for cling film 

• A small produce bag - perfect for plastic-free shopping 

• An unsponge - Eco-friendly alternative to a normal kitchen sponge 

• 4 face pads- Zero-waste alternative for cotton pads

Each item is clearly labeled with a hand-stamped label which is great if you are purchasing it as a gift. 

Also if you would like any specific colours or patterns for any of the products just let me know in the ‘contact seller’ box. If not I will just pick random for you! 

The box size can easily fit through a letterbox which is convenient if you or the person who you are sending it to is not available to collect the post. 

As I already mentioned, most of the items are up for sale on my shop page so for more information on any of them just visit those listings.

Each product is made and wrapped with love and care by me. I use 100% recyclable materials because I believe together we can make a difference! Thank you for supporting my small business dreams!


 LONG LASTING - All items are made to last

 HANDMADE - All items included in this set are handmade

 THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING All the paper used for packaging is recycled and shredded myself to unsure there is as little waste as possible!