Green Fig + Poppy Seeds Natural Soap

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Product Description

Refreshing. Cleansing. Exfoliating.

Delicately scented with green fig essential oil, this soap block provides a pleasant aromatherapy experience for your daily relaxing shower or bath. A combination of pure oils and butter keep your skin hydrated, and fine poppy seeds help to exfoliate your skin.


Green Fig Essential Oil: Good source of many enriching vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Improves your overall health. Balances your skin and gives you a healthy glow by improving blood circulation.

Green Fig fragrance oil: Our fragrance oil is skin-safe, and 100% phthalate and paraben free.

Saponified Avocado oil: Contains a high percentage of Vitamin E, as well as potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients which can nourish and moisturise the skin. It also promotes collagen production, which helps grow new skin.

Saponified Raw Shea Butter: High concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins, ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin, rich in anti-inflammatory and healing properties. helps condition, tone, and soothe the skin.

Saponified Sweet Almond Oil: Known as the "King of Nuts", contains all sorts of natural vitamins that includes vitamin E, vitamin A and essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. Packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

Saponified Canola Oil: Rich in vitamins K and E, which helps to reduce skin afflictions like acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I use it?

Lather the soap and apply over wet skin.
Rinse it off thoroughly, avoiding the eyes and irritated areas. 

*To extend the life of your Soap Block, leave to dry on a draining soap dish.


Suitable for vegans.




Contains no preservatives, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh chemicals.


All products are 100% organic.