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Have fresh, filtered tap water wherever you are. Our Inox collection and natural water filters will keep you hydrated.

This set includes: An inox bottle, one pack of inox straws and one pack of natural water filters.


What's in your set?


inox bottle


Our thermal bottle is sleek. Not only does it keep your drinks fresh for 24 hours, but also keeps your drinks warm for 12 hours. Stay hydrated, with Inox. 


Dimensions: 22.5×7.4cm


Capacity: 500 ml 



Tissue paper.



Stainless steel bottle, food grade silicone ring (leak proof seal), PP cap (BPA free). Product does not retain or impart any flavour. It is also suitable for acidic and carbonated drinks. 


Product care:


Your Inox bottle deserves to be hand washed with warm soapy water. Once washed, leave the bottle to dry upside down. Please do not place it in the dishwasher.


End of life: 

Remove the silicone ring from the cap and it is widely recycled. Bottle is fully recyclable. Bottle caps can be placed in general waste disposal.


inox straws


Nobody wants to get caught sucking on disposables anymore. Try our recyclable matte stainless steel straws, fit for any occasion. 


Pack of four straws.


Dimensions: 21cm long, 6mm in diameter.



The packaging is 100% recyclable with paper and card. 



100% Stainless steel with a matte finish.


Product care:

This product can last for decades with proper care. You may wash the straws in a dishwasher or by hand using a brush. 


End of life: 

This product is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled with metal at the end of its time, to give life to new products!


activated charcoal bamboo filters


Do not doubt our charcoal stick. It will make your tap water actually taste like water. The porous structure of the carbonised bamboo filters out all the nasties.  


Pack of three filters.


Dimensions: 15 – 18cm long



The packaging is 100% recyclable with paper and card. 



100% carbonised bamboo water filter.


Product care:

Simply rinse your filter before use. Our filters last for three months, but they can be recharged. Boil them for ten minutes and let them dry. We recommend changing your filters every 6 months. 


How to use: 

Rinse, boil for five minutes, leave it to cool and dry. Filters are ready to be used!


We do not recommend placing filters in your water bottle on the go. 


End of life: 

This product is 100% biodegradable, please place in your food waste bin or you can compost. 







 THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING - Biodegradable or recyclable materials