Mango & Toasted Sesame Vegan Creamy Chocolate Slab

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Chunks of juicy mango and toasted sesame seeds with our delicious vegan creamy chocolate. It's juicy, chewy and a perfect nutty aftertaste from the toasted sesame. Perfect for night time treats! Our vegan chocolate is made using no milk, soya, wheat or gluten, no nasties. It may be free of milk but it tastes so delicious you won't even notice it's not regular chocolate! Serves 3-4 (100g)Contains sulphur dioxide and sesame.May contain traces of nuts.Suitable for vegan, vegetarians & those on a wheat and gluten free diet. VEGAN - Suitable for vegans HANDMADE PLASTIC FREE - Our 'bags' and stickers are compostable and everything else is recyclable.