Nail polish remover pads, 3 pack

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Set of 3 nail polish remover pads, made of wood pulp towels and organic cotton.


Ever heard of the wood pulp towels some hair salons are using? They are single use but they claim to be more eco friendly than washable towels as salons don’t have to do tons of washing anymore, and they are home compostable. A lot of research has gone into it.
We’ve teamed up with a local salon here in Rossendale to give those towels a new life, because even though they’re supposed to be single use, if you quilt them with a stronger fabric, they will last much much longer! We washed and dried them and turned them into these small pads that are perfect for removing nail polish. Tried and tested, they last a very long time, don’t need washing every time you use them (just rinsing with a bit of soap will do) and dry super quick. Pair with our laundry bag so they don’t get lost in your machine (£3.50, can be found in the shop). Quilted within 2 layers of our organic cotton muslin and finished with organic cotton thread.


 Plastic Free

 Organic Certified 

100% Organic Certified Cotton

 Thoughtful Packaging

 Long Lasting

 Alternative Materials Used


 Fair Trade

100% Fair Trade Cotton