Oh Deery Me - Hemp cloth pocket nappy

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"Oh Deery Me" by Green Cheeks 

Part of the Nature Collection

The features of this reusable cloth nappy are:

* Fits most babies, it's designed to take you from birth to potty, although the tinier babies may need to wait a little while to get a good fit

* Three rows of snaps on the front rise to get that great fit

* Velcro (hook and loop) on the waist, so that it's easy to get them fastened and quickly - wrestling a tiny naked baby octopus needs to be swift

* The insert is hemp cotton blend, 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton - the inserts absorbency will improve with washing and if you fold it in half, you will improve it's efficiency even more!

* TPU shell creates the waterproof layer

* Lined with microfleece to wick away the moisture quickly and keep baby dry

* The pocket is wide and deep, meaning that if you want to add more inserts or customise this nappy to suit your own system you can. 


 LONG LASTING - A sustainable and long lasting alternative to disposable nappies saving hundreds from landfill

 VEGAN - Vegan friendly

 THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING - All recycled packaging & plastic free