Organic baby wipes, set of 10, Charcoal

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10 Organic cotton fleece wipes for hands, face, and bottom. Finished with a 100% organic cotton thread. Approximately 17x17cm. Why not pair them with our handy, small wet bags?


Store your wipes wet in a container or run under the tap as and when you need them. Tip for changing dirty nappies: have a small glass spray bottle at hand that’s filled with 50/50 water and oil. Shake thoroughly, then spray directly onto baby’s bottom before wiping. It makes the clean up even easier and leaves the skin moisturized.

Tip for out and about: fill one wet bag with some wet wipes and have an empty one at hand to store any dirty ones until you’re home.


Dirty wipes can be stored in any container before washing. If used for dirty nappies, soaking in a nappy cleanser can be useful before washing. The wipes can be washed at up to 60 degrees, hanging them to dry is recommended.


 Plastic Free

 Organic Certified 

100% Organic Certified Cotton

 Thoughtful Packaging

 Long Lasting

 Alternative Materials Used


 Fair Trade

100% Fair Trade Cotton