Soap Pocket Pouch

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This is a perfect product if you are starting to use bar soaps to get rid of that plastic packaging! It’s hard to use bar soaps on their own when washing your body so these pouches are really soft on the skin and easy to use! 

There is an ‘envelope opening’ which basically means there are two pockets that you insert the soap into so it won’t fall out! It also makes sure you use up every last bit of soap ? 

It comes in three colours...


• Set of one 
• Set of two (two random colours) 
• Set of three (three random colours) 

Each product is made and wrapped with love and care by me. I use 100% recyclable materials because I believe together we can make a difference! Thank you for supporting my small business dreams!


 PLASTIC FREE - 100% cotton



 THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING - 100% recyclable & plastic free